What is CCSSM about?


Research shows that young people who leave school early, are twice as likely to be unemployed at the age of 24 than those who have completed year 12.

CCSSM offers young people the opportunity to plan for their future careers and find a positive pathway into employment. A mentor can highlight alternative pathways and help open doors for new opportunities.

CCSSM is a structured program consisting of:

1.Mentor recruitment and training
2.Selection of students, introductions and matching with mentors
3.Pathways planning and investigation project - mentors and mentees work together
4. Ongoing mentor support

Benefits to you, the mentor, include:

•    an opportunity to meet other like-minded people

•    positive feelings of connectedness to a young person, a school and other mentors

•    increased self-confidence and personal satisfaction

•    engaging in new and exciting experiences.

Benefits to the mentees (students) by:

•    re-engaging young people

•    increasing positive relationships within the community

•    developing positive self-worth, resilience and optimism

•    developing and setting goal

•    planning, exploring and engaging in future career pathways.